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Places & Faces: Holiday Mountain

Places & Faces: Holiday Mountain

Holiday Mountain is located above the picturesque Pembina River Valley in southwest Manitoba. Longtime CWSAA members Noel and Julie Later started the ski area over 55 years ago.  Julie continues to be very active in the business, and has been joined by her daughter Bernice and her husband Nate.  Charlie Locke from Lake Louise recently purchased the area and has maintained the family management.

Nate comes from the railway industry and has since become a ski area operations guru.


The ski area is comprised of two fixed grip double chairlifts and a conveyor lift.
Great idea: During the 55th anniversary celebrations, trail signs were created to tell the story of each run name, creating more depth and knowledge of the history of the area.


There are numerous accommodation options at the base of the slopes.  They were developed over the years, first as leased lots, now as fee simple ownership.
The summer grooming on the slopes is exceptional. Any instructor would notice the wide gentle teaching terrain.
Like all prairie ski areas, snowmaking is an important part of Hidden Valley. The water system has two intakes: one to cover the utilities and half of the mountain; the other newer system to cover the other half of the mountain.  The dual system provides a backup in cold temperatures should maintenance be required on one or the other.  Snowmaking in the prairies requires different filtration systems and nozel sizes than those in the mountains to adapt to different biomass in the water.
Great idea.  Simple solution for padding.
The green chair is made by the Hall Ski-Lift Company.

The blue lift is  a Heron-Poma lift, which was a manufacture based out of Colorado.

The area has an impressive zipline that can operate in the winter.
The area is well lit for night skiing.


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