Spring Conference – FAQ

CWSAA Virtual Spring Conference

April 26-30, 2021


Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Will there be a cost to participate in the online conference.
A: Yes, a nominal fee with all registration fee proceeds go to the Small Areas Assistance fund

Early bird rate applies until April 15: $20 / per person
After April 15: $35 / per person
Registration opens March 15.

Q: Who can attend the virtual conference?
A: Any business that is a CWSAA member (ski area or associate) can sign up any of their staff for specific conference sessions.  Generally the sessions are aimed a full-time, senior staff (e.g. supervisor level and up), as well as key stakeholders (e.g. Board members and owners).  Some sessions may be restricted to a specific audience.  This is an opportunity for managers to invite staff to participate that may not have had the opportunity to come to conference in the past.

Q: Will I be staring at my computer all-day long?
A: No, not unless you choose to.  The conference will be designed in ‘streams’.  Specific industry themes (such as Risk & Safety) will be about one hour, once a day.  However, if you’re an ‘eager beaver’ looking to learn everything from nuts to soup – you’re more than welcome to sign into every session.

Q: Will there be a trade show?

A:  Traditional trade shows have proven challenging to create the same opportunities in a virtual setting. This year for CWSAA Members we have created a new ‘Showcase’ which combines the benefits and exposure of sponsorship and tradeshow participation.  Find out more about becoming a Showcase Member in the 2021 Spring Conference >> HERE.

Q: How will you do online social events?
A: Stay tuned… we’re still sorting everything out.  At this point we’re hoping to align the presentation of industry awards with some ‘chat room’ opportunities to ensure there are some engaging networking opportunities.  For more information on awards nominations, Click HERE.

Q: How will the virtual conference differ from the Online Industry Sessions?
A: CWSAA has been holding Online Industry Sessions almost every week since May.  There has been an overwhelming interest in participating in these sessions, and CWSAA has learned a lot about hosting them. The purpose of the OIS sessions has generally been reactive – what do we need to know right now!  The Virtual Conference will focus more on the future, as well as some of the traditional topics that are on the annual conference schedule.

Q: When will we meet again in-person?
A: We are planning for in-person Fall Division Meetings.  While it’s still un-know what the circumstances will bring at that time, the fall meeting formats have traditionally involved a smaller audience and more regional travel for attendees.  Staff and the Board will continue to assess the feasibility as we get closer to the time.

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