Lift maintenance course

Lift 151/152

Fall 2019 Combined Course

Offered by: Selkirk College
Cost: $250.  Note, this is a subsidized rate for CWSAA Member Ski Areas.  Additional costs apply for non-members.


  • Edmonton, Alberta: Tuesday September 24 (price includes lunch on Sept 24).
  • North Battleford, Saskatchewan: Monday October 28 (tbc).
Register for 151/152 on Oct 28 in Saskatchewan

These courses are designed to give maintenance and operational staff working in the ski industry a close up look at, and a comprehensive understanding of, regulations contained in Z98 Code Book, “Passenger Ropeways & Passenger Conveyors.”

Important details:

  • Participants will need to register (and pay) for the course through Selkirk College (see buttons above).
  • The online training pre-work must be completed with practice quiz, prior to attending the course.
  • The in-person component for the combined course will consist of a one-day hands-on component – ie workshops & fieldwork. Industry experts from Technical Safety BC, Alberta Elevating Devices and Amusement Rides Safety Association (AEDARSA) and Selkirk College have prepared the course and will be facilitating along with Ski Area experts.
  • The Exams will NOT be conducted in class for this condensed course.  Participants can take the exams with an approved exam proctoring facility (most post-secondary institutions and many libraries offer these services).  Note, many facilities will charge an exam fee.  This is not included, and you should check with convenient facilities first to ensure you understand any extra costs.  Students must complete the exams within 2 weeks of the training and score 80% for a passing grade.
  • A minimum number of participants is required.  Unless CWSAA or Selkirk College cancels the course, this course is NOT eligible for a refund, given there is an online component that begins upon registration.


This condensed course is designed to provide a great new pre-season training opportunity in a shorter time frame, and a cost-effective delivery method.  The combined program will be offered all-inclusive for $250 (includes both 151, 152 and lunch on the training day).

  • Reduced accommodation and meals expenses: Given these courses are condensed into 1 day, employers would have reduced accommodations and meals costs (1 day versus 2).  With the regional locations, it is expected that there would be reduced travel costs as well for many.
  • Save on registration costs: This year, CWSAA subsidized the spring conference lift course fee (which is unlikely to continue for 2020), however, attendees still effectively paid $250 for each course ($75 subsidized course fee, plus $175 daily conference fee for meals and facility access).  Therefore $250 for 2 courses amounts to a major savings!

Course information:

  • Lift 151 (Surface lifts): Lift 151 focuses on the Development of the Z98 Code and understanding the Z98-19 requirements for Surface Passenger Ropeways and Passenger Conveyors. This includes Fibre and Wire Rope Tows; Ropeways for secondary Carriers (Tube Tows); and finally, T Bars, J Bars and Platter Lifts.
  • Lift 152 (Fixed Chairs): Lift 152 focused on Z98-19 for Aerial Fixed Grip Passenger Ropeways.  This course looks at the Development of the Z98 Standard and studies maintenance and operational requirements found in Clauses 4, 6, 11, 12, 13 and Annexes A through L.