Additional Courses

Additional Courses

The following courses are being offered during the Spring Conference as an add-on.  For these items, you must register to attend the conference (or at a minimum for the day of the course) and an additional fee will apply for the course.

Lift 151, 152, 153
Offered by: Selkirk College
Cost: $75 (for each course)

Please stay tuned for additional details on these courses.  This Spring, these courses will be offered in their new format.

Important details:

  • Participants will need to register (and pay) for the course through Selkirk College – details and link will be available soon.
  • Each course is $150, however, this year CWSAA will be subsidizing 50% of the cost and registrants will only $75 per course.
  • To attend the course, you must also register for the CWSAA conference.
  • New this year, there will be an online component of the course that must be completed prior to the conference.
  • The in-person component for each course will consist of one-day, including classroom, fieldwork and an exam.

Course dates (in-person component):

  • Lift 151 (Surface lifts): Wednesday April 24
  • Lift 152 (Fixed Chairs): Thursday April 25
  • Lift 153 (Detachable lifts): Friday April 26

Detecting Alcohol, Drugs (legal and illegal), Fatigue and Medical Impairment in the Workplace Workshop
Facilitator:  Wayne K. Jeffery B.Sc.(Pharm), M.SC(Pharm)
April 25, 2019
Cost: $115 per participant

This workshop provides education on the detection and recognition of the sign/symptoms of alcohol, drug use, fatigue and medical impairment. If not dealt with in a timely manner, impairment from alcohol, drugs, fatigue and medical impairment can have detrimental and potentially fatal consequences in the workplace.

This seminar will highlight “how to recognize and detect marijuana impairment in the workplace”.

The concept of drugs which cause impairment in a work environment is explained and major drug categories, including the drugs of choice within a community setting, are outlined. Participants learn how to identify individuals exhibiting signs of drug use and/or impairment. This training seminar equips participants with the knowledge and skills required to evaluate and properly document identifiable symptoms.

Upon completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:

  • Identify visible signs and symptoms of individuals who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or may be suffering from fatigue or medical impairment.
  • Identify the observable effects of each of the seven major drug categories.
  • Identify certain medical conditions that may produce similar signs of impairment, properly document such observations.

This workshop provides invaluable training to management in many diverse operations including, but not limited to: retail, warehousing, forestry, health care, transportation, law enforcement agencies, and education and professional offices.

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