Conference Agenda

2019 Spring Conference Detailed Agenda

Keynote: Shane Jensen

The Times They Are A Changin’: Communicating and working with today’s multigenerational workforce

The changing workplace. The reality is that leaders, employees and organizations, both large and small, are beginning to feel the impact of trying to work with and communicate effectively across the four different generations that make up today’s labour force. Each generation brings their own set of values, expectations and markedly different attitudes towards work, authority, conflict and even customer service. All of this translates into different behaviours in the workplace (and in interactions with clients), including differing work and communication styles, which can have direct impact on retention, productivity and staff engagement.

The presentation is designed to give participants some great information and insights to help them with their goal of working and communicating effectively with each of the four distinct generations.

All organizations and industries go through leadership transitions, some planned, some not. It is a critical function, and frankly… the responsibility of all incumbent leaders to seriously consider who will replace them, before that time arrives, planned or otherwise. Very few leaders take the time nor energy to plan this, never mind set the stage for its eventual execution.

Effective and efficient leadership succession planning AND execution consists of a set of best practices that all leaders, both current and potential, need to become aware of, research, and customize in order to set themselves and their organizations up for succession success. Mix in some inspiration to take action, and you’ve got the YOUR winning formula.

Keynote: Ken Larson

Succession Success: Setting Ourselves Up for Seamless Transitions

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