BC Family Day

BC Family Day

May 8, 2012 Position Statement

The first BC Family Day will take place in February 2013. The BC Provincial Government is currently considering the second and third Mondays in February as alternative dates for this holiday. The third Monday in February is a holiday in the USA and five Canadian provinces; thus, many BC Ski Resorts are already operating at full capacity on this weekend. Therefore, having BC Family Day on this day would diminish the potential for British Columbians to enjoy BC Ski Resorts and other tourism experiences throughout the province. Moreover, it would result in a significant lost economic opportunity for the province. Accordingly, CWSAA is advocating for the BC Provincial Government to have BC Family Day on the second Monday in February, in order to achieve the following benefits:

Economic Benefits: A holiday on the second Monday in February would enhance the economic health & viability of the BC Ski Industry and BC Tourism generally.

Social Benefits: The incremental revenues received by the BC Tourism Industry would result in additional tax revenues for the government, helping to support social programs.

Family Benefits: British Columbians would have enhanced access to Ski Resorts, and other BC Tourism experiences, resulting in a more enjoyable Family Day.

May 28, 2012 Update

The BC Provincial Government issued a News Release on May 28, 2012 indicating that BC Family Day would take place on the second Monday in February.

CWSAA would like to express its sincere appreciation to the Provincial Government for its decision to schedule BC Family Day on the second Monday in February. We would also like to thank the many British Columbians who supported our position on this issue.