Reciprocal Program

Ski Area Reciprocal Program

To streamline the process for ski areas to share reciprocal ticket offerings, a database has been created.

All ski areas are encouraged to complete the form below. Please be sure to review the following information before completing the form:

  • Before completing the form, please ensure you have approval from the GM (or appropriate senior manager) to authorize the offers.  CWSAA will not validate or moderate offers.
  • The spirit of reciprocal programs is for the offers to be reciprocated (be offered both ways).  Therefore any ski area that chooses not to participate or to exclude specific resorts, should not be offering discounts for their staff and passholders at ski areas they do not intend to reciprocate.
  • This form is to be used only for regular reciprocal discounts.  Enhanced reciprocal programs (ie large discounts or free passes within a specific partnership of ski areas) should NOT be included in this form.  Those partnerships should be made directly between the partner ski areas.
  • This form includes offers for 3 distinct groups: Passholders, Staff, Volunteers.  Ski areas can differentiate the offers for these groups and state any requirements for each specific group.
  • Please note all information submitted on this form will be shared with CWSAA Ski Areas as entered.  Do not include any confidential notes.
  • To complete this form, you must have a google account.  If no one from your ski area is able to access this form, please contact CWSAA.
  • When you complete the form, select to receive an email copy. That way, you can go back in and edit if necessary.  Once the season begins, if you wish to make any changes, please contact CWSAA.
  • This form is only for reciprocal offerings within Western Canada, during the Winter season.
  • This database is a pilot for 21/22, and it is intended that ski areas re-submit a form each year to ensure your offerings are up to date.

Submissions for 2021/22 season are currently being accepted.  To assist all ski areas, please complete by November 15, 2021.

Participating Ski Areas

Once a substantial number of ski areas have entered their offers, we will open the database access so that ski area managers can view the offers available to their passholders and staff.

Check back soon to see the current list of participating ski areas and their offers.  To help you share their offers, their logo is linked in the database, or you can download all logos in the ski area logo file.

Please note, the addition of ski areas is ongoing, so please check back often, for the latest updated list.