2023 Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2023 recipients of the CWSAA Awards:

  • Pat Boyle, 2023 Jim Marshall Leadership Award
  • Wayne Wiltse, 2023 Rod Chisholm Operations & Maintenance Award
  • Jana Gainor, 2023 Lars Fossberg Excellence Award
  • CWSAA 2023 Peak Performance Recipients:
    • Kaitie Koch: Volunteer President at the Manning & District Ski Club, in Manning Alberta.
    • Heather Dufty: GIS Analyst, Utility Advanced Line Locating, Mountain Planning at Whistler Blackcomb, BC.
    • Mike Varrin: Senior Manager, Mountain Dining at Whistler Blackcomb, BC.
    • Heather Moore: Occupational Health & Safety Manager at Big White Ski Resort, BC.
    • Caleigh Christie: General Manager at Falcon Ridge Ski Area, Manitoba.

Jim Marshall Leadership Award

The recipient of the Jim Marshall Leadership Award is recognized for their exceptional skills and dedication to their chosen profession and has made meaningful contribution to the sport of recreational skiing. This is a presentation of a personal gift by Rab and Olive Marshall from a trust in memory of Jim Marshall, who did not live long enough to give back to recreational skiing and the joy he experienced in the sport. The recipient of the Award is chosen annually by the CWSAA Board of Directors, with input provided by the past chairmen of the association.


  • 2023 Pat Boyle
  • 2022 Debbie Muirhead
  • 2021 Bob Bell
  • 2020 Rob McSkimming
  • 2019 Danny Cox
  • 2018 Darcy Alexander
  • 2017 Stuart McLaughlin
  • 2016 Jamie Tattersfield
  • 2015 Tom Prentice
  • 2014 Norman Duncan
  • 2013 Peter Gibson
  • 2012 David Gibson
  • 2011 Warren Sparks
  • 2010 Don Muirhead
  • 2009 Doug Forseth
  • 2008 Lawrence Blouin
  • 2007 Bob Hall
  • 2006 Lorraine Martinek
  • 2005 Ken Graves
  • 2004 Fred Bosinger
  • 2003 Previous Shareholders Marmot Basin
  • 2002 Mark Kingsbury
  • 2001 Peter Schroecksnadel
  • 2000 Charles Locke
  • 1999 Jim Buckingham
  • 1998 Artur Doppelmayr
  • 1997 David G. Morrison
  • 1996 Mike Wiegele
  • 1995 Hugh Smythe
  • 1994 Robert Kennedy
  • 1993 Jim VanderKelen
  • 1992 Rab Marshall
  • 1991 Jimmie Spencer
  • 1990 John R. Gow
  • 1989 Rodney Touche
  • 1988 Hans Gmoser
  • 1987 Ivor Petrak
  • 1986 Peter Alder
  • 1985 Paul Mathews
  • 1984 Jerry Johnston
  • 1983 Lars Fossberg
  • 1982 Earl Pletsch
  • 1981 Franz Wilhemsen
  • 1980 Cliff White

Lars Fossberg Excellence Award

The Lars Fossberg Excellence Award is presented annually to a manager or supervisor who shows a high degree of initiative and creativity together with the ability to improvise when dealing with the unexpected.  The award recognizes the perseverance and talent of the next generation, and encourages them to contribute to industry leadership in the coming years.

Following his passing in 2001, the Lars Fossberg award was created by Lars’ family in remembrance of a remarkable person, to acknowledge emerging leaders that exhibit the attributes and passion that was Lars.

The idea for this award originated with Lars’ grandchildren. Hildur’s daughter, Helen, felt very strongly that there should be some way to remember her beloved “bestefor” (Norwegian for grandfather).  Hildur’s son, Steven, participated by making the wooden base for the first award.


  • 2023 Jana Gainor
  • 2022 Rebeckah Hornung
  • 2021 Sam Oettli
  • 2020 Pat Boyle
  • 2019 Dan Wilson
  • 2018 Christian Theberge
  • 2017 Ryan Stimming
  • 2016 Jurgen Grau
  • 2015 Mike Manara
  • 2014 Allana Williams
  • 2013 Marlin Van Zandt
  • 2012 Kevin Fischer
  • 2011 Flynn Seddon
  • 2010 Rob Ellen
  • 2009 Nate Nadja
  • 2008 Mike Morin
  • 2007 Jason Hand
  • 2006 Erik Meertens
  • 2005 Jeff Davies
  • 2004 Tim Foster

Jimmie Spencer Lifetime Achievement Award

This award is given to an individual that has shown exceptional leadership and lengthy service to the ski industry (and/ or affiliated industry) in a senior management, ownership or consultant capacity.

This award is not necessarily awarded annually but awarded to individuals identified by the CWSAA Board or brought to the Board for consideration by industry members.


  • 2022 Lawrence Blouin
  • 2021 Bill Dunlop
  • 2020 Mike Wiegele
  • 2019 Peter Alder
  • 2018 Fred Bosinger (posthumously awarded)
  • 2017 Don Murray
  • 2016  Bob Dufour
  • 2009  Hugh Smythe
  • 2006  Jimmie Spencer

Rod Chisholm Operations & Maintenance Award

Rod Chisholm spent his entire career of 36 years with Sunshine Village and passed away on July 30, 2021 at the age of 56. His calm and quiet demeanor, intelligence, problem solving skills and devotion to our industry were second to none.

In memory of Rod, each year the CWSAA Board of Director’s will select one recipient who has provided immense contribution and knowledge in the operations and lift maintenance field. The recipient would be widely regarded as having high expertise in relation to ski area operations and lifts. They may have ‘worked through the ranks’ and perhaps a quiet leader like Rod preferring to remain outside of the spotlight. They are likely an indispensable part of the senior management team within a ski area, or may have made significant contributions in related fields supporting the outdoor operations of a ski area.


  • 2023 Wayne Wiltse
  • 2022 Rod Chisholm

CWSAA Peak Performance Award

This award is given to individuals whose concept/idea/contribution has provided value to their employer, that furthermore benefits the industry. Each year, the CWSAA Board of Director’s will present the Peak Performance Award to a few deserving recipients that have been nominated by their peers.

The CWSAA Peak Performance Award is a new award launching in 2022 to recognize the incredible people that have excelled in their career in the ski industry. Each year the Board will determine how many recipients will receive this award (generally more than 1 and less than 5). 


  • 2023 Kaitie Koch
  • 2023 Heather Dufty
  • 2023 Mike Varrin
  • 2023 Heather Moore
  • 2023 Caleigh Christie
  • 2022 Chris Theed
  • 2022 Paul Robinson
  • 2022 Wendy Robinson
  • 2022 Helen Davies