Strategic Directives

CWSAA’s Strategic Directives

The following strategic directives originate from the membership and were refined by the Board of Directors.  In addition to the core deliverables of communication and event planning, these directives guide CWSAA’s activities.

  • Safety & Risk Management is considered a foundational part of the proactive efforts of CWSAA, which aims to promote best practices and education to continually improve staff and guest safety and minimize industry risk.
  • Sustainable Market Growth: Growth in snowsport participation is essential to the viability of ski areas. CWSAA will enable opportunities to help mountain and river valley ski areas grow visits and realize sustainable profitability, including new snowsport market segments, product development, and spring, summer and fall diversification.
  • Government Advocacy will position and advance the interests of ski areas in Western Canada, particularly with respect to federal and provincial laws, regulations and policy.
  • People & Talent Development: CWSAA will help industry with attracting, retaining, and training passionate people to become future leaders of our industry – ski areas, associate members and wider partners alike.

CWSAA’s Strategic Directives were approved by the CWSAA Board of Directors, January 2019.