Employee Safety: Caught S.A.F.E.

Workplace safety is a priority for the Ski Industry.  This year, CWSAA and go2HR, together with a working group of Ski Areas, are developing a number of tools and resources to support Ski Areas develop a safety culture.

There are many great examples at Ski Areas, who have created effective initiatives to support a safety culture in their workplace.

This week in the Canada West Way, Whistler Blackcomb is sharing their employee recognition program Caught S.A.F.E.

“We are quick to recognize guest service successes, etc, but often miss recognizing the people who are contributing to our staff’s and guests’ safety.” explains Kira Cailes, Safety Manager at Whistler Blackcomb.  That’s where Caught S.A.F.E. comes in – recognizing employees for ‘Smart’, ‘Alert’, ‘Focus’ and ‘Educated’ behaviors.   “This is done all the way from the top (Senior Leadership Team) to between peers.”

Traditionally, safety is acknowledged in negative circumstances, rather than reinforcing positive behaviors.  Whistler Blackcomb’s safety culture is modeled by their management and everyone is empowered to recognize a colleague for their safe behaviours.  An employee that receives a Caught S.A.F.E. card, turns it in at the end of their shift.  Each department group has a bi-weekly draw to win a gift card.

Tip!  The first year they implemented the program they had ‘shiny’ cards and it was very hard to write on.

Kira will be presenting at the 2019 Spring Conference on developing a Safety Culture.

How are you encouraging a Safety Culture in your workplace?  Share your stories of wellness initiatives and employee safety initiatives with us at marketing@cwsaa.org.