gob·smacked: ɡäbˌsmakt / adjective

gob·smacked:   ɡäbˌsmakt / adjective;    overawed, speechless, extraordinary.   A pretty good word for our  host mountains and venue.

Yes, we are going to feel right at home here in the mountains.  CWSAA is going to be gathering this April during its 49th year, at the home of Canadian mountaineering, during Canada’s 150th anniversary, figuring out ways to make skiing and snowboarding better than it already is.  Someone pinch me!

CWSAA recently met with ski area operators around Lake Louise and Banff, and toured the facilities for the spring conference.  The Conference sponsorship details have been emailed to members with a January 27th deadline for preferred trade show space (contact CWSAA office for details).  Members will be notified by email as the conference outline is confirmed in the coming days.

Below is a sneak peek at some of the venues.

Please do not delay to book your room at the Fairmont Chateau Lake Louise to get our very special rate starting at $139.  There are limited number of rooms.

I think Eric, Pat, and the conference social event crew are going to be excited to hear what Rocket is proposing for an evening social…stay tuned.