Places & Faces: Fernie Mountain Resort

Few areas are as visually imposing as Fernie.  The multiple bowls sprawl across the mountains and make for an impressive site from the town. CWSAA found many great ideas at the ski area.

The ski area has a robust catering operation for events and weddings throughout the valley and does the food and beverage at the town golf course. This provides a service to the community and helps the ski area retain staff year round.

The deep snows of Fernie provide the usual challenges for maintenance teams. The Polar Chair, the highest alpine chair, is prepared for operation daily, even even on days it doesn’t run. This keeps the snow and rime from building up.


Ed and Shane toured us around the shop, paying special attention to the metal floor (the team credits Ed with its installation). The floor does not break down compared to concrete and resists wear and chips from cat tracks and ice picks. In return, the metal does not damage the equipment. As a bonus, it’s not slippery because of the many scuffs. The floor is secured by rebar and glued pegs into the concrete.

The grooming fleet is comprised of 5 cats, including 2 winch cats. The team operates 7 days per week, including shoulder periods, maximizing efficient use of the crew, trucks and quads.