Places & Faces: Misty Ridge

Misty Ridge was founded in 1971 and operates on land leased by the family farm. Tracy and her family have embraced the spirit of skiing and community service by welcoming families to their property to glide down the grassy slopes where cows range in the summer months.

Tracy used to patrol and is now part of the Board. All of her kids have worked at Misty Ridge.

Misty Ridge is looking for an additional 20 sets of skis between 150 and 160 cm. If you have a surplus and can help, contact Tracy or CWSAA and we’ll connect you.


The hill has one groomer, a T-bar and a tow rope and relies on snowmaking, pumping water from the Athabasca River.


The hill operates weekends from 10-4, school holidays and for school bookings. The society runs without regular county funding.

Misty Ridge is located between Neerlandia and Fort Assiniboine on the Athabasca River northeast of Edmonton.



The summer cattle trails in the bottom land provide 10 km of cross country trails which are groomed with a snow cat.