Places & Faces: Mt Washington Summer Ops

George, Tim, Dean, and Pete (left to right above) form part of the management team at Mount Washington.  George Trousdell, Director of Operations, has been a long-time contributor to CWSAA committees.  Dean Prentice is the new GM replacing Peter Gibson following retirement from his 40 year tenure at Mt Washington.

Mt Washington has applied a clean air / no smoking policy to its operation as of June 1, 2018.  This includes all mountain areas and facilities. The local stratas and accommodations areas, now representing a bed-base of 4000 pillows, have instituted the same policy.  In addition to achieving a clean air environment, the policy is a proactive step to wildfire prevention in the summer months.  Guest response has been strongly supportive.  Mt Washington collateral highlights ‘all forms of smoking,’ and interestingly BC Ferries signage distinguished vaping as well as smoking in its language.

Mt Washington’s wedding venue is spectacular.  Located beside the Raven Lodge at the Nordic base area, the venue includes a gazebo, log benches, large grassed area for additional chairs and space, and a drop dead gorgeous view of Mt. Albert Edward in the Beaufort Range.  Its wedding season is notably long for a ski area with bookings from May through September.

Mt Washington has one of BC’s mountain bike parks.  Snow Sports Director Mike Manara was also responsible for initiating the new Mountain Bike workshop after the CWSAA BC-Yukon Fall Division meeting.  Signage is used to convey responsibility and as importantly proactively educate riders ride smart preventative safety info.


There are two lifts that operate in the summer.  A pedestrian quad lift for sightseeing and alpine viewing, as well as a separate 6-pack lift (Hawk Express) dedicated to mountain bikes.  In the village a trampoline, mini golf, outdoor BBQ, bike rentals, and other amenities augment the summer experience.


While enjoying the alpine aromas at Mt Washington, I ran into one of my high school teachers. Al Wedel volunteers with the Strathcona park trails and at age 88 teaches skiing at Mt Washington’s Snowsports School…and has done so for 30 years.

Levon Young is a senior electrician at Mt Washington.  He took Dean, George and Christopher on a tour of one of the 5 conveyor lifts.  Remote deadman switches plug into work areas and are depressed when conducting work on the lift.  Magnetic switches on all guards have been installed. All sensor data feeds back to a panel and is monitored through a HMI (Human Machine Interface) system.