Places & Faces: Sasquatch Ski Resort

Sasquatch Ski Resort was formerly known as Hemlock Valley and rests above Harrison Lake on the north side of the Fraser River and the growing population in the Fraser Valley.

Sasquatch was one of many ski areas to provide a smoke-free environment for guests this winter.  Response from guests was appreciative and positive.


The ski area added staff accommodation this year, which replaced the need to contract and manage multiple private homes.  75 staff are housed in the new accommodation.  This removed a massive time consuming and stressful challenges for management each year.  It also freed up multiple properties now available for guest vacation stays on the mountain.  The new housing was developed using mobile camp trailers that were retrofitted to include common areas, kitchens and laundry.  To deal with snow loads, a steel pitched roof was built above the housing complex, which has alleviated the need to shovel the roof.


Schools are an important part of Sasquatch market mix.

Great idea.  When Robert Kennedy walked into our industry meetings with a 4 foot Inter-Mtn exclusion of liability sign, Randy Murphy and Sam Hicks were listening.  Sasquatch has placed easy to see signage in great locations including rental facilities, trail maps, and washroom walls.