Places & Faces: Summit Lake

CWSAA was very fortunate to recently spend the afternoon with the exceptional volunteer directors at Summit Lake Ski and Snowboard Area near Nakusp. Eric, Mike, Dan, Chantel, Mel, Butch, and Turtle (Rob Stevens) were good to spend their Sunday on the snow with CWSAA while local kids buzzed all over the slopes. It’s got a great community vibe.

Summit Lake has a Doppelmayr Tbar (that purrs along thanks to a new engine), handle tow, and one PistenBully 400 groomer. The crew made special mention of Big White’s generosity to help rejuvenate their rental fleet – a connection Dan made with Mike St Clair at spring conference. The ski area relies on the dedication of volunteer directors to manage the ski area and has an exceptional school programs in partnership with the school district.

They cleverly cross train all their staff with first aid to allow for coverage at all times and in all places. First Aid packs are within reach at the Tbar for immediate assistance.

The ski area has added fun terrain features, a tube park, and grooms a cross country loop for xc and snowshoe. XC classic tracks are set with a snowmobile and drag unit. Rob introduced a spring Slush Cup in 2018…now planned as an annual.


I didn’t do it this time, but was told to make sure that when you come to ski, book a little time to soak in the natural Nakusp hot springs for apres…a must do. Over the coming year, Summit Lake will be looking to replace about 20 outdoor uniforms, and 5 tower pads. Please contact Summit Lake or the CWSAA office if your ski area might have some at the end of this season.