CWSAA Board Nomination

CWSAA Board Nomination Process

The purpose of this policy is to delineate the process whereby CWSAA Members may be nominated for election to the CWSAA Board.


Nomination Committee

The CWSAA Board Nomination Committee will consist of:

  • The CWSAA Board Chair.
  • The CWSAA BC-Yukon Division Chair.
  • The CWSAA Alberta-Saskatchewan-Manitoba Division Chair.
  • The CWSAA Helicopter – SnowCat Division Chair.


Nomination Process

  • CWSAA Members are free to submit Board nominations to any member of the Nomination Committee at any time. This should be done via a short letter that includes the candidate’s experience and qualifications.
  • The Nominations Committee will bring recommendations to the CWSAA Board at the appropriate CWSAA Board Meetings, e.g.:
    • The Board Meeting immediately prior to a CWSAA AGM at which a Board Election is taking place.
    • When a vacancy must be filled due to a Director resignation or removal.
  • The CWSAA Board will consider the recommendations of the Nominations Committee, and will endorse, or elect, as applicable, new Director(s) in a manner that is consistent with the NFP Corporations Act and CWSAA By-laws.


Election Process

  • CWSAA Members are provided with the opportunity to elect the CWSAA Board at the CWSAA Annual General Meeting.
  • The CWSAA By-laws describe the process whereby Members elect Nominees to the Board at the AGM.

This policy was approved by the CWSAA Board at the January 20, 2014 CWSAA Board Meeting.