Small Areas Assistance

Small Areas Assistance Policy

CWSAA and its members have utilized various fund-raising efforts to create a pool of funds to provide financial support to Small Ski Areas.   These funds can be accessed by CWSAA Members, as follows:



  • An application for funds can be made by a Small Ski Area.
  • A Small Ski Area is defined as an alpine or nordic ski area with annual skier visits of less than 20,000; or a helicopter or cat skiing operation with annual skier visits of less than 1,000.
  • The Small Ski Area must be a CWSAA Member in good standing.


Use of Funds

  • The requested funds can be used for Safety & Risk Management, Education or to facilitate participation in a CWSAA Function (i.e. Conference, Division Meeting or other CWSAA Event).
  • The funds cannot be used for asset purchases (e.g. equipment).


Funding Process

  • Applicants are required to submit a request in writing to CWSAA, prior to the event.
  • Applications must be approved by the CWSAA President.
  • Small Ski Areas are eligible for a maximum of $1,500 in funding per 18 month period.


This policy was approved by the CWSAA Board at the May 12, 2014 CWSAA Board Meeting, and updated September 2017.