Small Areas Ski School Instructor Training Bursary

CWSAA is piloting a Bursary for Small Ski Areas to increase the opportunity for ski and snowboard instructor training and support new instructor recruitment.  These funds can be accessed by CWSAA Members, as follows:


Ski Area Eligibility:

  • Applications must be made by Management of a Small Ski Area (not by the individual instructor).
  • Only Small Ski Areas may apply:
    • A small ski area is defined as an alpine ski area with annual skier visits of less than 20,000
  • The ski area must be a CWSAA Member in good standing.
  • Ski areas need to illustrate the need and reason for the application
  • Please note, the funds are only to be used to subsidize an instructor’s tuition, and not to be used as a subsidy for CASI/CSIA course execution.

Instructor Eligibility:

  • Eligible age: Ski areas are only eligible to apply for instructor training grants for individuals who are 20 years old and younger.
  • Eligible course types: For CASI or CSIA Level 1 or 2 instructor certification only that is completed in the 2021/22 season.  Preference will be for level 1 training.
  • The individual must successfully pass the course.

Application & Funding Process

  • Applicants are required to submit a request in writing to CWSAA, during the period of up to November 15, 2021. The application will be reviewed and applications will receive notification of the decision by November 30th.
  • Applications must be approved by CWSAA.
  • Eligible ski areas may apply for funding up to a maximum of 5 instructors per year
  • Application can be up to 50% of individual course fee.
  • All receipts and proof of successful completion of the course (pass the course) must be received no later than Mar 1, 2022.  Funds will not be dispersed until after proof of course completion.
  • Funding will be limited annually.  Once all funds are allocated, the bursary will no longer be available.

Please complete the following application form no later than November 15, 2021.

Small Areas Ski School Instructor Training Bursary

Name of Manager Submitting Form
Job Title of Manager submitting this form

Bursary Request

Include the number of individuals you are are applying for; the certification program (CSIA/ CASI), level (1 or 2) and course fees for each.
Please enter the amount in dollars that you are requesting (up to 50% of course cost for up to 5 individuals).
What recruiting challenges are you having? How will these funds help with recruitment?