2018-19 Value of Ski Areas in Western Canada

Value of Ski Areas in Western Canada

The ski industry in western Canada is defined by several key metrics that are derived from two important reports:   CWSAA Ski Area Financial Analysis, and the Value of Ski Areas in Western Canada.  Key highlights include:

  • $2.51 billion annually is generated by ski areas for local and provincial economies
  • 27,250 jobs are created in western Canada
  • $389 million is contributed to government (Alberta & BC)
  • 9.4 million Skier Visits to Western Canada

Each year our good friends at Ecosign Mountain Resort Planners Ltd. prepare the CWSAA Ski Industry Financial Analysis.  The collective data is then put through recognized input / output models by Align Consulting to create the “Value of Ski Areas in Western Canada” report.  This presents the full size and impact of the ski industry in Western Canada.

The reports are critical to qualifying our industry for government through recognized metrics, and presenting our industry as an important economic generator and contributor to the social fabric of Canada.  The data is vital in supporting every request of government.

The CWSAA Financial Analysis report is based on submissions by ski areas.   It provides valuable benchmarking by business unit and is only available to participating ski areas.   Ski areas are encouraged to participate and may contact CWSAA for more information.

For more information on either study, please contact CWSAA directly.