Employee Safety: Reducing Skiing & Snowboarding Injuries

Toolbox Meetings: Reducing Skiing & Snowboarding Injuries

The following is a series of ‘Toolbox Meetings’ for Ski Areas to hold Safety Meetings with their staff on reducing skiing and snowboarding injuries.

Three Meeting Plans have been provided (click the title below to view the meeting plan):

Meeting 1 – Overview of Skiing and Snowboarding Injury Reduction (Recommended for ALL Staff)

Meeting 2 – Specific Discussion for Snow sports School and Patrol Staff

Meeting 3 – Knee Injury Prevention (Recommended for Snow sports School, Patrol, and Lift Ops)

Ski Areas are encouraged to hold regular Safety Talk Meetings with all departments.  These toolbox meeting plans are sample meeting plans that should be customized to your ski area needs.  They are designed as 20 minute meetings, but depending on the discussions and examples used, they could be shortened to 15 minutes or broadened to a longer meeting and discussion with your team.

Additional Safety Meetings could be held with the aim of reducing skiing and snowboarding injuries that expand further into warm-ups, conditioning and nutrition to support the wellness of staff.

To find out more about the new skiing and snowboarding employee safety tools, visit The Canada West Way.

For more ski area employee safety tool visit  go2hr.ca/skisafety