Places & Faces: Pass PowderKeg / Crowsnest Pass

Welcome to Pass Powderkeg, founded in 1938 in the Crowsnest Pass, a community of about 6500. In 1979, the four towns in the pass, Bellevue, Hillcrest, Coleman and Blairmore, merged to become Crowsnest Pass. This community-owned ski area is just one of the local recreation options in a region that offers gymnastics, lacrosse, soccer, a climbing wall and others. As part of the Castle Regional development plan, the region has been a focus for the Alberta government, with tourism playing a critical role.  Jon, Jeff, and Brad, shared some great suggestions for the coming spring conference…thanks guys.

With the lodge mid-mountain, one T-bar goes down to the townsite and the other goes up to the top.

Great idea: Ski patrol toboggans are stored on the mountainside in red, painted culvert pipes. It’s low cost, highly visible and effective, providing easy access and keeping sleds clear of snow and ice.

Two snow cats cover the grooming needs.

The ski area and mid-mountain lodge are Wednesday to Sundays, evenings and some school holidays.