Webinar: Cannabis Legalization

Feb. 27 Webinar: How has Recreational Cannabis Legalization Changed your Workplace?

Cannabis has been legalized for nearly four months. What kind of changes have you observed at your workplace? Join go2HR at the next webinar with a discussion on the evolving legal landscape, how and when to accommodate staff, restrictions on testing and more! A legal expert will answer your questions pertaining to how to implement an effective Fit for Duty policy and how to detect impairment.

Coming Down from the High – How has Recreational Cannabis Legalization Changed your Workplace?

Feb. 27, 2019 from 10:00am – 11:00am
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Details and registration: http://bit.ly/2X42gsX

During the session, Harris lawyer Brad Cocke will discuss:

  • Cannabis basics – from recreational drug to prescription medicine
  • The new legal landscape
  • Impairment or intoxication detection and the right to test; How to react when you suspect an employee is impaired at work
  • The duty to accommodate and its limits – how to balance accommodation while maintaining safety
  • Implementation of a Policy – Drafting, introducing, and training managers and supervisors


If you have any questions, please email go2HR at safety@go2hr.ca.


Interested in getting trained on detecting impairment?  Check out the full day course offered at the CWSAA Spring Conference: https://cwsaa.org/cwsaa-spring-conference/additional-courses/