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Employee Safety: Reducing Skiing & Snowboarding Injuries

Toolbox Meetings: Reducing Skiing & Snowboarding Injuries The following is a series of 'Toolbox Meetings' for Ski Areas to hold Safety Meetings with their staff on reducing skiing and snowboarding Injuries. Three Meeting Plans have been provided (click the title below to view the meeting plan): Meeting 1 - Overview of Skiing and Snowboarding Injury…

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Employee Safety Resources: New Tools Now Available

There are numerous tools and resources available for Ski Areas to support your OH&S initiatives.  Recently these resources were gathered into one webpage to make them easy to find and use: Over the next few months, many of these resources will get a ‘facelift,’ to ensure they are current and relative to the ski industry’s…

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Employee Safety: Panorama’s Safety Culture

This week's employee safety feature is Panorama Mountain Resort. Over the past several months, CWSAA has embarked on a collaborative effort with ski areas and go2HR to improve the tools and resources related to employee safety. Panorama, was one of several ski areas that tested and provided input and feedback on these safety materials.  Panorama Mountain…


Webinar: Cannabis Legalization

Feb. 27 Webinar: How has Recreational Cannabis Legalization Changed your Workplace? Cannabis has been legalized for nearly four months. What kind of changes have you observed at your workplace? Join go2HR at the next webinar with a discussion on the evolving legal landscape, how and when to accommodate staff, restrictions on testing and more! A…

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Employee Safety: Wellness resources

This week's employee safety feature shares how Mt Seymour promotes wellness to their employees. "There is a direct correlation between the wellness of our staff and injuries," says Lonnie Burnett, Safety Manager at Mt Seymour in North Vancouver.  Lonnie has worked at Mt Seymour for five years and meets with any staff that have been…


Stats & the Ski Industry Story

Sharing the story of the ski industry is a constant objective of CWSAA.  For the industry to succeed, government needs to know why they should care about the industry.  We need to connect government objectives with the ski industry, thus the focus on themes such as employment, community health (social, physical, and economic), first nations…


Employee Safety: Caught S.A.F.E.

Workplace safety is a priority for the Ski Industry.  This year, CWSAA and go2HR, together with a working group of Ski Areas, are developing a number of tools and resources to support Ski Areas develop a safety culture. There are many great examples at Ski Areas, who have created effective initiatives to support a safety…

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Tree Well Safety Education

The following is a really well written blog post and great example of Tree Well Safety education.  Kudos to Whitewater for this campaign and thanks for letting us share it with the industry. Tree? Well, well, well... Shared with permission from Whitewater blogger Stella Are you a treehugger? What’s your fav thing about skiing trees?…

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Employee Safety: The nutrition factor

Nutrition improves energy levels, injury rates and outlook on work and life!  Delia Roberts, the author of the Fit for Snow program, recently contributed an article to the Journal of Professional Snowsports Instruction, focusing on connection between nutrition and injury rates, with some appropriate and relatively easy to integrate tips for ski industry staff. Read…

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Spotlight: Driving Force

DRIVING FORCE is thrilled to have a new connection with a very special community – skiers. A few of our 28 locations have already made contact to the ski scene through heli-skiing tour operators in the past, but the DRIVING FORCE team is excited to help promote the values of the Canada West Ski Areas…