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Places & Faces: Mt Timothy

Mt. Timothy’s new General Manager Walter Bramsleven was introduced to ski area colleagues at last year’s spring conference. As a past senior executive from the log home industry, the ever-smiling Walter is always game for new adventures. He loves being in the centre of the action and is omnipresent from his central base in the…

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Places & Faces: Sasquatch Mountain

The 2019/20 season at Sasquatch Mountain Resort in the Fraser Valley (formerly Hemlock Valley Resort) features a new Leitner Poma conveyor loading quad. The lift substantially increases the ski areas uphill capacity and the lift itself will move 1800 passengers per hour with room for additional carriers in the future. The conveyor loading system provides…

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Places & Faces: Little Smoky

There are SROAMies everywhere in ski country. CWSAA spent the morning with SROAM grad Rob Bourgeois at Little Smoky Ski Area near Fahler Alberta, northwest of Edmonton. It rocks! The Doppelmayr Tbar and handle tows provide access to skiing/snowboarding, as well as an impressive tube park. Rob is one of the folks that firmly believes…

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Places & Faces: Nitehawk

Asset utilization and revenue diversification are the mantras at the aptly named Nitehawk Year-Round Adventure Park. General Manager, Duane Stevenson shared with CWSAA how Nitehawk weather proofs the experience, and ensures its profitability. Energy is a great example. Currently most Alberta ski areas have rates set by their winter usage. Efforts are being made to…

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Places & Faces: Baldy Mountain Resort

We had the pleasure of visiting Andy Foster and meeting Sam Smith at Baldy Mountain Resort this weekend. Andy was MC of the Race Sam (Sandra) has been a long-time resident on the mountain.  The Resort has been through a number of challenges over its history, and at one point in the 90's the Ski Club…

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Places & Faces: Sasquatch Ski Resort

Sasquatch Ski Resort was formerly known as Hemlock Valley and rests above Harrison Lake on the north side of the Fraser River and the growing population in the Fraser Valley. Sasquatch was one of many ski areas to provide a smoke-free environment for guests this winter.  Response from guests was appreciative and positive.   The…

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Places & Faces: Fairmont Hot Springs

Fairmont ski area’s General Manager Peter Harding, and Snowsports Director Chris Veen were feeling great for a couple reasons when CWSAA visited last week. They were just about to receive a new low hours Bison X groomer, and Mother Nature had just delivered a dump of fresh pow…and they had ski boots on. Fairmont has…

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Places & Faces: Panorama

Immediate Past Chair of CWSAA and Panorama President Steve Paccagnan can be incredibly proud of his ski area. The riding is big. In recent years, it has complemented its well earned reputation for grooming, cruising, and national team training with expansive terrain in Sun Bowl, Dream Zone, and Taynton Bowl, and now features cat access…

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Places & Faces: Kicking Horse

The cool factor and street cred immediately kicks in when Kicking Horse’s GM, Mike Rubenstein, follows patrol procedure and grabs a self rescue bag of rope as he gets on a lift. This routine lives on from his extensive patrol and avalanche background, and he remains intimately close to the operations and avi terrain assessment.…

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Places & Faces: Kimberley

CWSAA Directors that rip! Good luck keeping up with Director Kim Locke. And our Chair Andre Quenneville…forget about it! General Manager Ted Funston toured the CWSAA Board around Kimberley Alpine Resort’s monstrous fall line runs during its winter Board meeting. The Resorts of the Canadian Rockies Resort has huge terrain serviced by a Leitner high speed…