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Places & Faces: Apex

Apex is located outside of Penticton BC.  It has some great amenities and clever ideas that can credited to the gentlemen in the photo:  James Shalman (middle) arrived at Apex in 2001 and Shawn Witty (right) a few years before that.  Shawn also serves on the  CWSAA technical committee for BC  (thank you Shawn). Apex…

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Family Day encourages lots of new skiers

BC Family Day is February 13 and Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan's holidays are February 20.  These holidays bring many new families to the hills to try skiing and snowboarding for the first time. This year, many new skiers have been acquired with the new Never Ever Days program.  Check out this great new Go Ski…

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Places & Faces: Whitewater

Whitewater Ski Resort is close enough to Nelson BC in the Kootenays that folks will dash to the mountain to take 2 runs at lunch.  Colby Lehman, Outside Ops Manager and Rebeckah Hornung, Marketing guru, are just two of the folks that make this place great. Matt Kastrukoff is the maintenance manager at Whitewater. A…

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gob·smacked: ɡäbˌsmakt / adjective

gob·smacked:   ɡäbˌsmakt / adjective;    overawed, speechless, extraordinary.   A pretty good word for our  host mountains and venue for the CWSAA spring conference April 25 - 27, 2017. Yes, we are going to feel right at home here in the mountains.  CWSAA is going to be gathering this April during its 49th year, at the…